Imagine you need a structure for your property that has the strength to last through the years and the versatility to be used for your farming, storage, or equestrian needs. Whether your pole barn needs are professional or recreational, you need a company you can count on.

When it comes to pole barns, they can be constructed quickly, last for years on end, and provide you with enormous versatility.

Why Work With Onyx Home Improvement For Your Pole Barn?

At Onyx Home Improvement, we can help you determine the dimensions and build of your pole barn based on its intended use. Whether you plan to store vehicles, animals, or even both, will determine the size and features you need in your pole barn.

Measurement Recommendations

Generally speaking, here are some useful measurements to keep in mind when choosing your pole barn specifications:

  • RVs or campers generally require at least 12’ of height and 10’ of width for door clearance
  • Large personal vehicles only need around 8’ of door clearance
  • However, if you’re using your pole barn to store a tractor-trailer, a 14’ x 14’ door is recommended
  • You’ll want around 2-3’ of clearance on either side of the vehicle for opening doors

If you don’t plan to store vehicles, your pole barn can be designed with a little more flexibility. Consider how much you want to store, and let us know before we start the process so we can ensure your new pole barn meets your needs.

Contact Onyx Home Improvement For Full Pole Barn Services

While many pole barn companies will simply offer plans and kits, Onyx Home Improvement is there to provide everything you need.

From our initial consultation to help determine your needs to the actual building process and final inspections, we’ll offer stellar customer service and transparent pricing.

Contact us today to get started with a fast and free estimate. We look forward to helping you build the pole barn that perfectly meets your needs.